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Tuesday, 9 December 2008


banting, photo by alison, canon 350d


  1. Look, if you don't want it....send it here! Actually, it has been raining a little today. 5mm I think.

  2. Hello Alison, What an interesting photo!!!!!!
    I love it. You really capture the coming rains well.
    Have a great day,

  3. lee: i wouldn't want it any other way! though it has caused massive landslide, killed 4 people, swallowed 14 houses, and 3000 others were evacuated.

    lydia: later it rained and it rained hard! thank you. you have great day too!

  4. i haven't been visiting for quite a while. alas, here i am and happy to know that everything is going great for you. cheers!

  5. zanas: hey you, you're been busy ya? :) all is well.

  6. Cool photo! I love the orange tile roofs against the grey sky.

  7. Same here....same here...although for a couple of days now the rains have stopped. It's still a downcast mornng tho' with a little bit of chill.

  8. Alison: Haha, Mr Kana's house in Taman Seri right? Aww, I miss Banting in a weird way now that I'm all grown up and far away in Penang. Send my wishes to him and ask him if he still remembers the girl who always complained that she'd die of doing Maths! Merry Christmas to you and Gene!

  9. mayakirana: ya! uncle kana's house. i love it there, so kampung ish. well, at least compare to subang! :)

    yup, will tell him that when we go over during christmas, you coming back this christmas?


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