Craft Market

2017 Craft Markets/Events:
Titirangi Village Market - 30 Apr 2017, 10am - 2pm.
Titirangi War Memorial Hall, 500 South Titirangi Rd, Titirangi, Auckland.

Thursday, 7 May 2009


tapah market, photo by alison, canon 350d

cute blog that makes me smile.


  1. My current craze is Mangga's naturally sweet even it's still green..not too sweet..and it's just nice for my taste bud!

  2. i can suddenly taste it...

    p.s. - i visited the cute blog link. it's very original. thanks for sharing.

  3. hliza: sad to say i couldn't tell which is what mango. :P but i do know pisang raja though! hehe!

    zanas: hey, look out for it whenever you're out there, you might just stumble upon one on the street! hehe!


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