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Titirangi Village Market - 25 June 2017, 10am - 2pm.
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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

flower pots

for orchids, banting, canon 350d

earth laughs in flowers
~ralph waldo emerson


  1. I like that! Also being a fun gardener myself the saying 'earth laughs in flowers' makes me smile.
    Take care! xx

  2. Not a good gardener, myself. Maybe I need to hire one..

  3. I need to garden too, but it has been raining raining and just raining...

  4. Love this.. so sad and yet full of promise.

  5. I love Emerson. I just read your comment on my blog. So true. And, actually I was just taking a moment to give thanks for all I have. Such a good reminder.


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