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Friday, 14 May 2010


bamboo trees, sungai perdek

"love, compassion, and tolerance
are necessities, not luxuries.
without them, humanity cannot survive."

"the essence of all religions is love, compassion, and tolerance. kindness is my true religion. no matter whether you are learned or not, whether you believe in the next life or not, whether you believe in god or buddha or some other religion or not, in day-to-day life you must be a kind person. when you are motivated by kindness, it doesn't matter whether you are a practitioner, a lawyer, a politician, an administrator, a worker, or engineer: whatever your profession or field, deep down you are a kind person."

~ his holiness the dalai lama ~


  1. I've heard about bamboo forests. One day, I'd love to see one!

  2. I totally agree with that..and bamboo makes beautiful pic!

  3. Wonderful! A plot neighbour grows bamboo but it only grows to about 12 feet at best as it's not warm or wet enough for it to do really well.
    Flighty xx

  4. marion: the one you see her is only a cluster in the forest.

    hliza: yes indeed, we need kindness all the more in these trying times.

    flighty: we saw a group of people loading truckloads of bamboo on our way to the forest. i think they are close to 15-20 feet. the grow really fast and wild in the woods here.


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