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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

priya's design

it's the school holidays, priya came to play.

we made earrings and necklace...

we had pizza...

this one is for amma (mother)....
i must say designs are all hers, i only help with the bending part.

this necklace is for popo (grandma)
yes, her design too.

and here's a pair of sparkling blings on priya.
we had a fun day!


  1. Happy moments :))

    You can be a really good art teacher Alison!


  2. What a lovely girl...she almost outshines the beautiful jewelry she made...with that gorgeous smile!

    So great you captured the moments of her visit on your blog!

  3. ny: hehe! with one kid is ok :) with many i pengsan. LOL!

    marion: thanks marion, she loves being photographed, that helps! :)

  4. how old is priya now? she seems to have grown so much after your last post with her.

  5. lovely lovely lovely pictures and jewelry and pizza :) i found your blog--i was missing an "t" in mettaville. i don't know why it wasn't bookmarked, but i bookmarked it again.
    looking forward to catching up on your posts!

  6. zanas: priya is 10 now, i know, they grow up so fast! she's almost a "young lady"!!!

    amy: hi amy, glad that you "found" me... again :D and thanks for the sweet words!


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