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Sunday, 8 August 2010

artful day

i was here, met eva, a new blogger friend, an artist. aren't her paintings pretty? it was really great to be meeting eva in person, she's so sweet and fun and super friendly, not to mention really creative too. love love love her art! more on her blog. we'll be meeting again to catch up, i can't wait.
eva with her art
finishing an order

me and eva and evadivalicious art

right after that i went to a t-shirt designing competition at alfa international college, participants were secondary school kids from klang valley. the theme was 1 malaysia. i was blown away by these kids' creativity, they were awesome! this one won first prize, amazing isn't it?
i am inspired at every turn and every face i met today. my heart swells with joy being around these creative beings.


  1. Ali, that is one amazing fun experience you've had! So happy for you. And how wonderful indeed Eva's art is! I'll go visit her site as well!:D

  2. Wow I can never stop admiring all these creatives things you featured here..Eva and the kid's creations are just so amazing..I may not be as creative but I thank God that I still can appreciate them..they're like chicken soup for the soul!

  3. prism: it was a happy day.

    hliza: ya... they are chicken soup for the soul indeed. makes us happy :)

  4. Hi Alison,

    It has been so fun and exciting to meet you, and you're exactly like my heart tells me-sweet, lovely, soulful. Thanks for coming and taking these awesome pictures, you make my art looks great!And yes, we must come out for tea soon so you'll complete ur "dangerous" assignment!

    Lots of metta n love,

  5. Oh Eva it is very nice! Thanks Alison for sharing! x

  6. Hello Alison, Eva's art is beautiful!!!!!
    I love it!
    I have to go and check it out on her blog!
    Have a great day!


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