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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

swallows of now-ness

yes, still photos from my weekend in hometown. one thing about our little town - birds. lots of birds. i love looking skyward, love looking at the clouds and birds. swallows. that is my last name in chinese character (as in 燕子 = swallow)

can you spot pigeons above the windows?

i've learnt from my growing up years in the rubber estate to read the language of nature. one of them is when there are swallows flying, circling the sky, means rain is coming.

back at our old house in the rubber estate, i'd spent hours watching these birds, even after a heavy downpour, they'd be swooping low in the field feeding on insects that emerges from underground after rain. i remember at times i'd stand right in the middle of the field and they'd fly by inches away, zigzagging so swiftly catching their prey, it was thrilling, it was... just where i was meant to be at that given moment. i do not know how else to explain the experience. i was in the "now-ness", back then.

i was happy to see these birds again. they brought me back to "now-ness".


  1. Nice post and photos! Sadly reading the language of nature has become very much a lost art nowadays. Flighty xx

  2. Dear Allison-I love how you phrased that...reading the language of nature. And I love your really gives me the sense of being there, looking up. I ma so glad that you had a great visit in your hometown. xxx

  3. I didn't know that! Nature-reading is something we hardly heard of reminds me of the swallows that built nest in the corner of my house when I was 8. I love those days.

  4. flighty: i have forgotten many of the language too, many are lost until such time for us to re-member again.

    soraya: thanks soraya. as much as i love to look up, neck ache if i do too long, then i look down at the bugs :)

    hliza: oh ya, the corners of shopslots too with their poops and feathers and chicks and noise! :)


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