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Thursday, 21 October 2010

books for sale

all the books accumulated over the years. these are only mine, gene's books are still on the shelves. don't think we'll be taking them with us. i'll keep a handful, for sentimental reasons.

will have to categorize and priced them tomorrow. not sure how i'm going to sell them yet. amcorp mall flea market? or just spread a cloth and table under a tree near our house sunday morning when the veggie truck comes by, quite a crowd there. hmm....

this will be the biggest lesson on "letting go". so many things will not be going to new zealand, vases, decorative items, cute cat figurines (boo hoo), work desk, that marble top dining table you see above is not going either. so more things up for sale. besides, will be good to have some extra cash to buy the essential stuff that we need over there.


  1. Sounds fun! Feels like spring cleaning for me. Imagine the load off your shoulders after clearing all these stuff. Enjoy :)


  2. i'm so excited for you guys. it feels so real when you start letting go of things...all this room for newness!

  3. hey Ali, please reserve the Esther and Jerry Hicks collection for me.

  4. I sympathise, although I'm very much a minimalist so I don't keep many books! Flighty xx

  5. if you have history, court drama, thriller & murder plots........ sell them to me!
    really! :)

  6. Helo Alison,
    You have a lot of books!!!!!
    I too have a large collection of books.
    Wishing you a nice day!

  7. We're doing the same thing, Alison, although a move is not in the picture just yet. Some things are difficult to part with, for sure. But it makes a move in the future ever so much lighter!


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