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Sunday, 30 January 2011

lunar new year is almost here

chinese new year goodies, petaling street.

happy lunar new year everyone! hop hop hop into the year of rabbit!
i'll be doing some last minute clean up and shape up in around the house. and then gene and i will be heading down to my parents in melaka.

and just a last reminder:
the intuitive reading promotion at USD11 is near the closing date, 31 january. 2 days left! book your appointment if you wish to get the discount price, it'll be USD25 come 1 february. thanks to those who made bookings. looking forward to chat with you soon!

have a great holiday everyone!


  1. Happy new year Alison! We have a rabbit in the house (I mean Iqa!) so this year is kind a unique one too for us. Have fun dear..

  2. Dearest sweet Alison, melaka is gonna be such fun to visit during the holidays! Wishing you a lovely merry happy prosperous rabbit year! May all your wishes come true. :) Love to you!

  3. Happy New Year! Flighty xx

  4. Hi Alison: I have not been to your blog in ages but how the year has changed so many things! I see that you are embarking on a new adventure in so many ways. Happy for you. Happy to see you are so productive and creative and using your given energies in such inspiring ways. When will you be making that big move to NZ? Anyway, still NOT too late to wish you a happy, hoppity rabbit year. May this year bring everyone the best...multiplying like rabbits ;-)

  5. hliza: thanks my friend, iqa is rabbit? means she is 12? wow! all grown up.

    jacqueline: happy new year to you too! have a wonderful year ahead and may all things nice and sweet come your way.

    flighty: thanks flighty. xx

    krista: multiplying like rabbits? oh my goodness! lol! with 7 billion people now on earth, erm... :P
    big move to nz will take a while, we'll be going for a holiday there in march. after that we'll proceed with the documentations.


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