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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

cookies and new necklaces

in our home (well in my parents anyway), these are the must have cookies during lunar new year.
"kuih bangkit" - direct english translation "rising cookie". sounds funny but it is so i kid you not. mom says when you eat these cookies, the coming year you will rise to the occasion. all your work and business will "rise" to goodness and greatness. sounds good to me. apart from the great meaning, i just like it when the cookie melts in my mouth. yum!

"kuih gulung" - "love letters" (no, not direct translation). i'm not sure the meaning behind this cookie, but i sure love munching this crispy sweet yumyum.

and here are some latest necklaces i made. all photos in pendants are from my archive and i am so happy to be able to make them into wearable art. if you go to my etsy shop, i share a little short story of the photo.
this one is titled "come fly with me". i heart hot air balloon.

simply wear a "hello" and smile when you meet people. it's fun.

this is a custom order for a clay fan, marie-anne. yes, i have a clay cd (not really a fan though), a gift from dear friend anna. i do listen to it sometimes while doing my work, oldies rendered by clay is kind of nice.


  1. rising cookies? LOL! yup, very funny :)

  2. I like biscuits, or rather cookies, and these look delicious! Flighty xx

  3. bee: it would sound even more funny if i've written "cookie rising", since kuih = cookie, bangkit = rising. LOL!

    flighty: they are, yum! they are all gone now. xx

  4. I didn't know kuih bangkit means that! Rise to the

  5. Oh hello! Who is that amazing singer and good looking too! HEHE... thank you SO MUCH!! Can't wait to give it to my friend.


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