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Thursday, 31 March 2011

nz holiday photo story 7

in taupo, this is huka falls along the waikato river. "huka" means foam in maori, you can see why...

after huka falls we drove around and got "lost", well with views like these (below), we were happy to be lost.

and finally found our way back to lake taupo

maybe another one of two posts than i'll call it a wrap.


  1. Wow again! Especially like the 2nd last picture. With view like these, I am sure sure it's 100 x more breathtaking to be there and expereince it.

  2. Yeah, wow again! Look at the water and the sky! WOW!

  3. kylie: yes indeed. the air was cool and fresh, was really nice to just hang out at the lake front.

    janet: it was very serene to be there. i didn't want to leave, the breeze and the sound of water makes it so relaxing.


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