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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

passion - guest blogger michelle ho

today's guest blogger is michelle ho. i've got to tell you she is the real deal in the handmade soap industry. i bought some soap last christmas intended as gifts, they smell so good i ended up using one of her soap (breakfast bar) and oh my! i. loved. it! she is running a free give giveaway at her facebook page, kinder friends giveaway - she'll be giving away for you AND your friend a set of kinder soaps (any 3 bars all natural soap, and 1 bottle of skin treat, each set worth RM125). wow! here's michelle sharing her take on "passion". remember to visit her facebook page to enter the giveaway!


Passion. One way to define it is the strong underlying emotion that drives action - whether rational, or otherwise. I believe all of us have wondered, at some point, what it is that we are passionate about in our lives. Some have already found theirs, while others, myself included, are still on the twisting, meandering path on the way to discovery. I'd like to share with you some of my thoughts on this journey thus far.

***Living With Passion Gives You Purpose***
Nothing gets your thoughts and energy focused on a definite goal quite like a clearly identified passion. For instance, when I first started making soap more than two years back, I was deeply concerned about the condition of my baby's worsening eczema. That passion for my baby's wellbeing ultimately led to what The Kinder Soap Company stands for today, which is availing all-natural soap for the benefit of those who are sensitive to the artificial additives you would normally find in store-bought products. I'm glad that today Andrea is completely free from eczema and I have been able to help many others in a similar way.

***Find Your Passion And A Wellspring of Energy Will Follow***
Have you ever noticed that when you're giddily excited about something, you suddenly have a deep reservoir of energy to draw from in order to achieve or attain it? Maybe it was the chance to organise a surprise party for your best friend. Or how you feel when you look forward to that gym session all week, even though you may be pulling all-nighters at work. Or discovering that the guy you're interested in is a Trekkie and you pull out all the stops to learn everyday Klingon phrases to try to get his approval. (You get my drift, right?)

Now, wouldn't it be wonderful to live with that kind of high-level, sustainable energy on a day-to-day basis?

***Passionate People Have Contagious Energy***
I used to think that living your passion was a rather indulgent, self-centered affair. In hindsight, I couldn't be more wrong. I found that in living out my passions, whether it be as a mother to three children, singing, or making soap, I was directly affecting the people around me, and in a good way too. Sometimes people caught on to that energy I was sharing - and in turn, some of them shared that with their own circle of influence.

I hope this gives you some food for thought as to just how wonderful it can be to know where your passions lie, and to allow yourself to embrace them wholeheartedly. Have a brilliant week ahead!

you can find michelle here:
her blog

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