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Saturday, 8 September 2012

sri lanka #1

hello! i'm back! good to be home. it was an interesting experience to say the least. here are some photos.

always loved window seat. about to land in sri lanka.

  we visited the tooth relic temple in kandy. sister sumangala (in robes) and kusuma (left).

 it was crowded inside. really crowded. local devotees and tourists lined up to pay respect and get a glimpse of the relic.
   the relic is in the little doorway. i passed by in a blur and didn't see anything.

not sure what's in there.

our group did chanting in that little area. though mostly i listened as i'm not well versed in chants. the energy of the place is amazing!

beautiful paintings depicting the history of the relic.

yes, a whole lot of paintings, i was not able to get a good look at all of them as we were in a hurry and it was crowded.

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