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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Back to Melaka

I made a trip back to hometown, sold the car and went to familiar places for some happy.

Straits of Melaka. Can you spot a canon?

Sunshine and breeze... was so good.

Graffiti at the beach.

Belangkas (Horseshoe crab) made into wall ornaments. I remember watching these beautiful live creatures at the beach when i was a wee kid holidaying at my grandmother's house.


Flag pole and lamp at a temple. (all photos taken with phone camera)

Big move update: Packing will be done this coming week. Time to sort things out, items to go or not to go to NZ.

Kiki's update: We're in the process of applying for import/export permit and also the quarantine facility in Auckland. Hiccups here and there, but i think it's going ok. I pray it's ok.

Chewie's update: Sis found a room rental that has a nice big space/garden for Chewie. I am grateful sis is looking after her. Some gardening, weeding and cleaning needs to be done but it's a nice place. I hope Chewie will like it. I am still very sad that i'm not able to bring her along and i've been talking to her about what's happening. I hope she'll understand.


  1. I wish that it was like that here in London as it's very cold and trying to snow today! Flighty xx

    1. It can get really hot and humid here, not sure if you'll like that. Spring is coming soon Flighty, and flowers are springing in your plot :) xx

    2. No you're right I don't like it hot and humid! Yes it is and they will be soon. xx

  2. Hi Alison,
    WOW! Your home town is beautiful! It must be nice to have sunshine, warm breezes and the sea often. It's still cold where I am and we're 8 hours away from an ocean.
    Hope things get better soon with getting Kiki with you.

    1. Wow! 8 hours away from the ocean? Yes, i'm hoping things will go well for Kiki too :)


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