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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Auckland weather

In just 3 weeks, I've experienced the infamous Auckland temperamental weather, sunny one minute and rain bucket loads the next, warm, cool and really cold in a day. Just this morning it was bright and sunny and i took a walk to little town, an hour later as i was walking home, suddenly it rained and i got wet! The weather just cannot decide what it wants to be :)

Down our driveway. The street where we live.

There's an apple tree beside our driveway but not very good apples i suppose, the birds and bugs enjoy them mostly.

The weeds here grow really fast!

I'm so excited i finally got my library card today! Borrowed some cooking and gardening books. I love flipping through the pages and look at the colourful pictures, whether I'll pick up any cooking or gardening skills is another matter.

I'm still making changes, tweaking the system with regards to my Etsy Shop. Hopefully it'll be up and running by 1st May.

Taking a deep breath of gratitude and smiles in my heart.


  1. That sounds very much like our English weather which is so often changeable and temperamental.
    Happy reading, Flighty xx

    1. I'm still learning to adjust to the weather. Makes me giggle sometimes to see the sudden change of weather in an instance. Thank you, i am enjoying the books! xx

  2. Lovely to see you sinking in and getting familiar with your new area. I guess with the weather you will learn to be prepared for anything (dress in layers!)I am headed for Oregon day after tomorrow where it will likely be the same thing!

    1. Layers, my goodness indeed! lol! It is all so new to me. yes, learning all the time :) Ooh.... have fun in Oregon!


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