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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Weekend wanderings and in the studio

Gene and I went to Stardome on Saturday evening, watched a wonderful show and later went out to the field for telescope viewing, it was a clear sky and we had the chance to see Saturn, the planet with the "ring" around it. It was amazing! I've never seen stars and planets through a telescope before so it was a pretty fascinating experience. Here's some photos taken with Gene's mobile phone.

We'll be going back to watch more shows and do more star gazing, can't wait!

In the studio, I completed my banner :)

Will be using this banner for my next craft show.

A fun experiment to a new binding method. I made a little notebook and draw a Tui bird. Love this bird call/song and I see them often here.

More journals in the making with new fabrics for the covers. I'm also working on having new journal designs. I have the ideas in my head and jot them down in my "idea journal", so now it's time for me to bring them to life.

I just finished reading a book titled A Street Cat Named Bob and loved it. I highly recommend it if you're a cat lover. I can relate to so many instances in the book as how a cat can really transform a person and vice a versa. It has a happy ending :)

100 Days of Kiki, on day 89, 11 days to go. Wow! Can't believe I lasted this long. Happy to end this project soon, but I know taking Kiki's photo will not end there.


  1. Star gazing is great fun, but not something I've done for a very long time.
    I like the banner and your drawing.
    Like you I really enjoyed reading 'A Street Cat Named Bob'.
    It looks like Kiki is star gazing! Flighty xx

  2. Star gazing is fascinating to me and Gene enjoyed it too. Thanks for liking the banner and drawing. Oh, I'm happy you've read and liked the book too! I am reading his next book now - The World According to Bob :)
    Haha, ya, Kiki does seem like she is star/sun gazing! xx

  3. Alison - I love the bird drawing. Can't wait to see your ideas!

    1. Hey Becky, Thanks, I'm still fine tuning the new design. Hopefully will be able to reveal them next week.

  4. I love the bird drawing! I encourage you to do more simple drawings like this for your journal covers, this one is beautiful. All best wishes from The Woods in Northern California.

    1. Cameron, really? Thanks, I hadn't thoght of making them to sell, it was just a practice for a new simple binding method. Thanks so much for your encouragement. xx

  5. Hi Alison,
    I love visiting our local planaterium! They have alot of great star shows and if you go at night you can star gaze!
    The bird drawing is very nice! I look forward to seeing your new designs.
    I will have to look for the cat book you have posted. Cats have always been my fave.
    Sounds like a great book.

    1. So cool that you love star gazing too! :)
      I'm itching to start drawing and painting again, so this is just a start, hope to do more in the future.
      Hope you find and enjoy the book as much as I did.

  6. Wow, cool for the star-gazing! Isn't is just amazing getting that perspective on the size of the universe.... mind-boggling... Yay for the new banner and new journal ideas and the idea of the idea journal! (does that make any sense??) So glad your Kiki is doing well!!

    1. Hahaha! Patty you made me laugh out loud. Yes, yes, i get it after the second read :) Kiki is a content and happy cat here, I'm glad she's happy here.


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