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Friday, 5 August 2016

Etsy Make for Good 2016

Hello August! I welcome you with a happy heart :)
I think it'll be the start of a busy, creative and fun rest of the year. Second half of the year is always more buzz than the first half. I look forward to it.

Here's another collaborative journal I made using Holly's screen printed fabric, a tui bird and kowhai flower in olive green? Not sure what the colour is but it's really beautiful!

And one of my latest shibori journal with a lace wrap closure.

This year I'm participating in Etsy Make for Good fundraising campaign. Etsy is working together with Plan international Australia under Because I am A Girl initiaive, Plan's mission is to help women and girls in developing communities around the world towards promoting their rights, education and empower them to thrive, bringing them out from poverty to opportunity so that they can create a better future for themselves and those around them.

I will be creating some special notebooks and journals and donate 20% of the sales towards the cause. Campaign starts 6 September and will run till 19 December 2016. It's exciting that many Etsy sellers across New Zealand and Australia is participating. If you're looking into supporting the cause, look for #makeforgood tags on Etsy and all social media platform.

This year's campaign theme is "Creating Brighter Futrures", I'm thinking bright yellow.

I was surprise to see this daffodil blooming as I didn't see them last year, I love the tiny bunch and the scent is amazing! Apart from this this happy flower, most of the garden is still sleeping for the winter. We're half way through now and I think I need to start planning for spring planting.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Nice post. I like that first journal. Well done on supporting and donating to a good cause like this.
    Thanks, and you too. Flighty xx


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