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Thursday, 8 March 2018

New website is now LIVE

I am excited and happy to announce the launch of my new website on this special day which happens to be International Women's Day. I have been working on building this website for over six months and it hasn't always been easy as I have no technical or web design background, but I did it! It is not a perfect website but I am very pleased with myself for my effort and achievement, and that is something worth celebrating!

In order to celebrate, everything in my website is 15% off today. Simply enter the coupon code "nowopen15" at checkout.

I will continue to work on the website and adding new products. There is a link on the top menu. For now, I think I deserve a little rest :)

Thank you for your continuous support!


  1. Well done, it looks pretty good to me. xx

    1. Thank you Flighty! I did all I could and just wanted it to go live after working on it for so long. xx


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