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Thursday, 12 January 2006

no pc

my lil sis brought back my notebook to tampin to do her school work, so i'm without a pc at the moment. hope to get it back this weekend when i go back hometown. using gene's notebook to write this.

hmm... christmas just over and now we're heading for our next long break, chinese new year! wooo! how nice... eat and be merry again! ayoo.... i've already put on 3kgs!! i gotta watch what i eat. and to think i am a vegetarian now... where did that 3kg come from??? *sratch head*

that fearful time of the year... ang pow is not such a big deal, i think i spend less on ang pows than on christmas gifts. it's the aunties!! eee...!!! you know what i mean. really scary... dunno where to hide.

anyway... as the newpapers and all the predictions from various astrologer and feng shui masters say for this year... the year of the "dog", it will be a better year than last year. yay! good!good!good! :) and i hope it's true. we'll see.

happy getting ready for a second "new year"!

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