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Saturday, 4 February 2006

waterfall hunting

chinese new year was great! all the people, family, relatives, friends and food! but gene and i came back to subang on the third day. and the rest of the week spent "waterfall hunting" around selangor. the weather was just too great to waste away, and fantastic for photo shoot. so... of we went.

imagine, waking up to find bright blue sky greeting you with such freshness. it was so sudden that gene suggested we go waterfall hunting and shoot some photos. in five minuites we were off.

first stop, sungai gabai waterfall. there was quite a crowd since it was still holiday, so up we climbed... yeah... it was tiring... my heart beat faster than the train. we manage to find a quiet spot and with this beautiful view...

it was cooling with the misty wind blowing at our faces.

next, our drive took a turn to kuala klawang which according to the signboard is 42km! it was a long lonely and winding road with just one or two vehicles passing by on the opposite side. and we chance this signboard of jeram gading, which was 3km from the main road... so.. ok... let's go see. and again we had to climb, and go through some bushes and all.

that's gene, leading the way... i just follow.

and happily dipping in once we got to the clean and crystal clear water. i was really excited and wished i had brought along extra clothes to jump in the cold cold water. :) now this time, there really weren't many visitors to this waterfall. i guess it's way too far out from town. and we get to enjoy the sound of water minus human squels and screams.

and made friends with tiny creatures around. found this cute little froggy under the tree.

the next day was no different, bright sunny day with blue sky. we decided to go ulu yam. there were few stops of waterfall, we went to 3 diffrent parts of it along the way. this is the first one.

green trees with cool water...

we just can't get anough of it....

the more get into the water, the more we want.... it's just to beautiful!

saw this cute and slow mr snail happily gliding along one of the rock near the river.

the second water fall before we get to...

this fall... and...

we climbed some more, and came to this water fall... this was really hard to get as it was a really hard climb. found a fallen bamboo stick which was really helpful... and took home with me. hehe

it was a really fun trip... waterfall hunting! i love the climb, the sound of water, the smell of leaves, the fresh cool air, the creatures we came in contact with, the wonders of mother earth... just magnificant! some how, when i'm in the woods, it feels home, i am home. i love it! love it! love it! and i can't wait to go again! waterfall hunting... with gene! thanks honey for a wonderful trip!

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  1. Wow! Its really fun. Thanks for sharing. Love the photos.


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