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Friday, 12 January 2007

balik kampung

komuter train, kl sentral, photo by levin, canon digital 350d

yay! going home to melaka tomorrow. decided to take the public transport instead of driving coz i'll be hitching a ride back to kl on sunday with big sis (besides, the toll and petrol price hike aren't exactly wallet friendly either). while many complaint of our unreliable public transport, i'll try to make this a fun ride home. have to remember my theme for this year - fun! ok... people watching in train? this could be fun... err... apart from watching people staring out of the window, most would rather not have eye contact in the train and some just snooze (and drool!), yea... fun! gee... must remember to bring a book to read.

i dread going to pudu to catch a bus! i don't really like crowded places, makes me nervous. i am a little sensitive, so the vibration/energy there sometimes can be a little too over whelming for me. but most times i survive! :)

oOoo... already thinking of what mom will be cooking... yum yum! mom is the bestest cook ever! sambal udang? ikan masak lemak? we'll be celebrating my baby sis's birthday (err... not so baby anymore! she's [me calculating]... erm... 17!!! omg!! how did that happen?)

we plan to go jonkers street saturday night, should be nice, and fun!, since chinese new year is around the corner, i'm pretty sure there'll be lotsa red decorations and stuff all over, can't wait! it has been a while since i've gone home and visit my own home town. 2007 - it is visit malaysia year after all! :)

have a great weekend!


  1. Please send my Happy B'day wish to ur not-so-baby Sis ya. Have a safe trip and a wonderful weekend ^_^

  2. jl: thanks. you have a wonderful weekend too! dun abuse potato ya

  3. "already thinking of what mom will be cooking... yum yum! mom is the bestest cook ever! sambal udang? ikan masak lemak"

    ohooohh...are u trying to get our mouth watering? **slurp**

    Have Fun & a great weekend,gy!

  4. You will be alright, its going to be fun!
    I wish I could go with you!

  5. anonymous: er... yes, yes, yes... did it work? :)

    angela: come on over anytime! you're always welcome! :)

    savante: come home to melaka then, where ever you are, far?


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