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Sunday, 7 January 2007

one little word - FUN

chewie, photo by levin, canon digital 350d

inspired by ali edwards. my one little word is FUN. that will be my theme for year 2007.

last year has been a roller coaster ride for me. it was a challenging year indeed, yet through it all i discovered something magical, a gift, almost unbelievable yet it was real. then fear and doubt sets in. and slowly it washed away the wonderment i was in, not totally but it seems like a distance now, to connect with that magic, to bring forth the inner child of mine that wanted so much to believe in magic and have fun. i wanna bring that back!

this year i wanna remind myself that everything is to be experience in a FUN way! i wanna be like a kid again, to see and do things in a childlike manner. be crazy, adventurous, silly, innocent, creative, to try something new and knock my sense off the humpty dumpty wall.

and i know that magic will come back to me again, even stronger.

i will continue to heal others.

and i will learn, i will grow and my own healing continues...

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