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Wednesday, 11 April 2007


fungi, photo by alison, canon digital 350d

ever since human conceptualize time, the earth and her inhabitants are constantly evolving. from the ice age to what humans now call the golden age. change can be drastic or subtle, but definitely visible over time. civilizations come and go and we only read them as myth and legends.

we are evolving.

mother earth is letting herself heard. it’s the workings of the cosmos. change is inevitable. as the energies of the universe and earth changes, so too will the human race. no one will be spared, just maybe in different degrees and different stages.

and why am i rambling all this? i am among the sensitive souls that are going through energy shifts. going through pockets of energy burst that can be a wild ride sometimes, ouch! yeah… that includes the 'empty head' symptom.

i am not religious, but i consider myself spiritual. what i’m going through is not based on any sacred text (not that i have read any :P). it is as it is with nature as it orchestrates the life force within its infinite boundaries.

i do not expect anyone to understand or believe because all of us have our own journey to undertake. this is just a little sharing of my amazing spiritual journey, maybe i’ll reveal more in future, but in the meantime… my focus is still on FUN with life!! yeee haaa! :D

here’s to amazing life's journey!

to evolution!


  1. jemina: yaahhoooo! *jumping & dancing around jemina* *grin*

  2. what is the empty head syndrome?

  3. to evolution! and the little dots of energy (us) that complete it.

  4. anna: it's ... err... err... ... that! hehe! it's as though the mind has gone vacation. can't think straight, and don't have any judgement on anything. just not much activity in th head.

    like the dots of energy! :D

    u got a blog?


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