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Wednesday, 23 May 2007

leap and the net will appear

my secret project journal, photo by alison, canon digital a20

I did just that, I leap. I am somewhat fearful, nervous, doubtful, and at the same time I am excited, overjoyed, overwhelmed by this new adventure I’m in.

I did a journal of “my secret project” about a couple of months ago. I’ve been toying with this idea (a project I wish to do) for months now. Writing down my dreams, my life purpose, my plan, without thinking "how" I’m gonna achieve all this. some sketches and writing, whatever comes, even if it’s doubt and worry or new ideas and inspiration. Everything. Free flowing of my inner self.

And last night I made the craziest (or bravest) decision ever!
I took action. I took the first step.
I’ve placed my orders to the universe, the universe presented me the opportunity! It is just amazing! The ‘how’ has arrived.

And I told my new friends, “the net had better be there!”


  1. oh' this is what it is...( reading from your post way up there)...well..congratulations!..

  2. lady luxie: ohh, thank you. i'm still nervous though. but i guess i just gotta take action! or i'll forever be wondering the "what if..."


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