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Monday, 18 June 2007

flower cat house

kiki and pilchard the blue cat, photo by alison, canon digital 350d

kiki & pilchard play time, photo by alison, canon digital 350d

rainy season is here
did a shelter for backyard strays
kiki checked it out first to see if it's good for cats
erm... i say she likes it
with pilchard the blue cat from bob the builder, and the classified to check out new "houses"
uh huh! meowy good!
hope that will keep the strays dry and happy during stormy days
kinda have that groovy 60's look don't you think? hehe!
flower power!


  1. UUuuuuuhhh..cutsy cutsy coooo' to the meows you have!..What lucky felines to have such a chic home he!he!...

    Rainy season is here too..but not so much rain pouring down...I miss rain...Right now it's just sticky hot...blech'..

  2. Rainy here too and cold, brrrr!
    Lovely kitty house, I love it!


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