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Wednesday, 20 June 2007

outdoor 101

me with me gardening hat, photo by alison, canon digital 350d

today's affirmation:
I have abundant energy, vitality and well-being

i love that hat. used to belong to my father in law, i wear it for outdoor painting and gardening. i've been spending the last couple of weekends painting our front gate, fence and side wall. without sun block! bad... i know. and now my shoulder's peeling and tanned. and i still have paint in between me fingernails! stubborn paint.

amazingly, i find it enjoyable, not like it was a chore or anything... huh? yeah, i kinda surprised myself with that new perspective. it's like meditation, being in the now with every stroke and swish. up and down, left and right, totally self absorb with the 'no time' zone with the whole thing, just focusing and concentrating and having fun being outdoor!

i still have half a gate to paint. right now our gate is of two different shades of green! :P


  1. Two shades of green??..hee! hee! hee! hee! hee!..I wish I could be there to paint with you!..We would have so much fun...Of course we would have biscuits and crackers and iced tea and whatever other goodies you have there he!he! he!..I would rather be painting my gate right now than preparing for my work is such and I guess my gate painting time will come soon...he!he!..

    Oh'..and sometime next year I will be going to Singapore...and have asked the hubby if we could just drop by Malaysia too to meet you!!...Can't waiiit!

  2. oh'..and the hat is cool!...I must get myself one as well if we are going to paint together :>

  3. lady luxie: hahaha! and we'll end up red, green and yellow all over! blue! blue! fav colour eh? yes, iced tea and karipap and banana fritters and... and....all the yummies!

    woooppieee!!! when are you coming? this is so exciting! i've never met a blogger friend before. *jumpin up & down* OoOoOo... we can do all the girlie stuff yes?

    i'm going to singapore in september for a seminar by anthony robbins. charging me bateries. :)

  4. lady luxie: a hat yes, i wonder if me husband will let us paint our side wall with psychedelic colour! wow! that's be cool! :) hehehe

  5. Cool hat!!! :p

    Bad move on your part not to use sunscreen, my dear.

    Remember to show us some photos when the painting is done. ;)

  6. I love the hat! I have one of my father's hats I wear occasionally, and it brings him back to me every time!

    Painting is meditation, for me. I get lost in the flow of paint and the swish of the brush...I could paint for hours!

  7. marion: thanks. yeah, painting helps calming down the mind. i do hope i'll finish what's left this weekend though. :)

  8. can see your gigi putih berseri :)


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