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Friday, 3 August 2007


photo courtesy digital photography review

today's affirmation:
i am thankful for all that i have

our old canon a20 finally died. *sniffle* it was our first digital camera and captured many sweet memories over the years. thank you a20, we are ever grateful for your service.

me eyeing for this sleek & classic look canon g7, yumyum! still too pricey though, not so sure if i'm gonna get one, but i've already added in my "order list" - a list of stuff i wanna have, placing my order from the universe's catalog. it's the same as a "goal book". i'll let the universe do the rest. maybe i'll get one, maybe i won't, but hey, i've put up my request and thankful for whatever the universe send me!


  1. miror: sexy? i never looked it that way, now that you've mentioned it... yaa... veRY SEXY! hehehe! grrr...

  2. Hi!..I want a new camera too!.I have a very plane Panasonic DMC-FX8..although it's perky and handy and can do nice stuff..I was just thinking about taking photo's and how I love doing it..I don't know the basic of it though but would love to learn...

    There are groups I can join but am too shy to really contribute....Maybe we can make up a group and invent our own creative rules...just thinking..

    Did you hug the ol' camera goodbye???

    Luxie here

  3. luxie: i don't know much about photography too, i just take the camera, point and shoot! gene is the pro, he has taught me countless time but sad to say i forget all the time what to do when comes to camera settings.

    i'd still prefer a point and shoot camera but maybe just add some creative punch! yeah... lets start a group and get creative! sounds fun!

    camera dearie still on gene's table here, hehe!


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