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Monday, 8 October 2007

back home

singapore, photo by alison, nikon coolpix 3200

today's affirmation:
my work is fulfilling and returns riches to me

got home 4:00am, crashed and slept till noon
was a successful trip
grateful for helpful friends
wonderful and supportive leader
dear cousin nicholas stopped by and we had lunch
much talking to prospects, clients, new friends
a whirlwind super city goodness


  1. fruitful trip i c..glad ur back girl ;p

  2. miss you too.

    Enjoy the coming Raya break!

    take care.


  3. mirror: oh! i am glad i am back too! nothing beat sleeping on my own bed!! hehe!

    mh: oh! raya break! oh yes, looking forward for the break very much!! you have a good raya break too! :P

    jemima: hi jem, *hugs* keep the candle burning! :)


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