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Thursday, 3 July 2008

love thursday

kiki, front porch, photo by alison, canon 350d

our princess, our shayang, our bestest friend
naughty, sneaky, bum, ultimate purring machine
i caught her chasing a squirrel out front this morning (it got away, thankfully!)
she has her own throne where she sleeps all day
we let her out, but she comes home to do her business
jingling bell tells us her highness is coming
our manja meow
we love her to pieces

happy love thursday!
and this made me cry...


  1. What a precious cat! Love the blue bell! :)

  2. pretty kitty!

    A family of four lives in my backyard!

  3. cc: she is precious! :D

    prism: four?!! wow!

  4. Hello Alison, Your kitty is so CUTE!

  5. Hi Alison: that's what cats turn us into. Mush. Mush. Mush. Margaret is a fat bum too. Her royal highness margaret mews for food, and rolls around in her own sweet time, and doesn't flinch until we ask "Margaret want mum-mum?" She runs like mad when she hears the word "mum'mum". Cats. Oh yes I read cats help lower blood pressure and hypertension. All the more reason to sayang our cats!

  6. lydia: uh huh! one cute bum!

    mayakirana: cheers to our fat bum cats! hahaha, cute way of calling your cat to mum mum, we just shake her food container and zooom she'll come straight over. or when i'm busy she'll just sit near her plate and meow till i give up and feed her.


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