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Monday, 3 August 2009

hi august

me & zai @ lily café, canon 350d

i love you august, abundant august

i welcomed august with zai in a cozy café in petaling jaya, one of my favorites where they serve delicious banana honey smoothies! yum!!

so so much fun with zai, after our girls special chit chat, i did a zap on her, i'd like to call the healing session the zap sometimes, it's more funky don't you think? zai is a very talented woman, running her own businesses, hopping to meetings and events, flying everywhere and looking so great to boot! you'll have to ask her yourself how she keep up and looking so fabulous. i doubt panasonic has anything to do with it.

though i do enjoy doing online healings, it is also such a pleasure to meet in person for a chat and a zap!


  1. Hey, you look so radiant in the picture! Must be all those happy energy :)


  2. i had the most amazing of girlish time ;p and ur pic turns out better!! ;(

    must do this more often...tks again Ali!

  3. Was that what you did to zapped me..and I was spellbound? ha ha ha..I'm envious to see this. Hope to see you again when I'm well and bouncing!

  4. ny: yes, happy energy all around! :)

    bee: i had a wonderful time too! yes, it was girlishly fun!

    hliza: yours was a mild and gentle zap, :) you were spellbound? you bounce your way back to health and yes am looking forward to meet you again too!

    zanas: hey, see you wednesday! :)


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