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Friday, 7 August 2009


banting house, backyard, photo by alison, canon 350d

i find treasure everywhere, and that makes me happy

uncle kana's backyard is like a d.i.y shop + tuition centre + gardening area + antic store
there're always oohhs.. ahhs... and giggles
kiddy excitement of finding some cool stuff to muse and play with


  1. Good one! Like the picture and how you discover beauty from such simple and everyday thing in life :)


  2. Reminds me of my dad's house in Parit'll be surprised what you can find there..

  3. ny: living in such simplicity makes one realise there's so much beauty in simple things, and i am in awed everyday.

    hliza: haha! such fun rummaging around and finding little treasures and memories yes?

  4. Alison! It brings back so many memories. Uncle Kana my math tuition teacher since I was in Form 3. We had grand times there. Amidst mozzies. Amidst curi curi makan rambutan plucked from the neighbour's garden. Amidst whining to Uncle Kana about "die die, maths so difficult" and he goes "i never heard anyone die of doing maths". Our sneaking into his hall to catch Hindi movies when he wasn't looking. His putting around his front yard. Oh. What amazing memories you've unearthed for me.

  5. mayakirana: "i never heard anyone die of doing maths" hahaha! i can imagine & 'hear' how he says that.

    ohh... those darn mozzies! they're still around. :P


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