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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

first order

swarovski crystal starfish necklace and earrings, canon 350d

today's affirmation:
truth is the unchangeable part of me

i got my first order to make 2 sets of jewelry for anna's sister's birthday. the order was to make a set of necklace and earrings for casual wear, going to church or outings and another set for work, which is a little more formal. i saw this starfish crystals and just couldn't take my eyes off them, they are so pretty! so i made this simple and sweet perfect for church and happy girly hour fun necklace and earrings. i am so in love with this starfish that i am making myself a set too :)

swarovski burgundy pearl necklace and earrings, canon 350d

this is the pearl set for work. again, i like to keep them simple and sweet.

will have new necklaces and earrings soon once i get new stocks in. and will put them up for sale soon. yes, including the starfish. stay tuned.

i'm on with another project. side tracked a little, but this is super fun and it involves our studio! can't wait to show you once i am done with it.


  1. They're so beautiful! I think you're gonna make lots of money soon..

  2. Yeah, they are beautiful & lovely! I didn't know you are good in this ^^

  3. I LOVE them. *waits impatiently for the new stocks*

  4. wow, loving the second set. that is just my style. beautiful.

  5. Very pretty, I especially like the starfish! xx

  6. very lovely, especially the starfish! I love your affirmation, thank you, Alison.

  7. Hello Alison,
    These are so pretty. I use to make jewelry too. It's fun! I loved working with the semi precious stones and the sterling silver.
    I love all your pieces!
    The affirmation Is very nice too!
    Have a great day,

  8. hliza: thanks. it is fun creating them.

    janet: neither did i. :)

    dmoms: thanks.

    flighty: thanks, that means a lot to me :)

    marion: thanks marion.

    gypsy: you did? wow! awesome!i am just trying out fun stuff.

  9. swarovski burgundy: Love it, so beautiful.

  10. Thanks Alison!!! I especially love that you put 'spells' on them. LOL. It's a charmer. :-)


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