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Thursday, 5 November 2009

starfish necklace

code: n1 starfish
swarovski crystal starfish pendant with black faux suede(cotton) cord
lenght: 16.0cm/18.0cm

how to order.
visit my etsy shop.

phew! finally... here's the first starfish necklace up for sale. yay!

i'll just post one item at a time, and orders are first come first serve basis. so if you want this little cutie, drop me an email. this little baby is a steal, i am putting it up at a very low price because this is my first ever hand made jewellery for sale in this blog, an opening sale! and yes... this little starfish will get the extra magic zap just for you! there will be more to come.

one step at a time. since i am just starting, i'm still learning the ropes, please excuse the bumps along the way. oh yes, i've made mine too and wearing it now! love! love! love!

still contemplating and learning about etsy. but right now, i am so glad this part is done. lots more to do, like updating the side bar of this blog and more photo taking of products. but for now, time to give myself a little break for all the hard work.


  1. A good start :-) Keep it up!


  2. Hello, I'm considering getting some for myself and the kids. We will chat offline! Oh my, and it would be a great gift for birthday parties...I always dread thinking of what birthday presents to get. I really am drawn to the part where you throw your little magic vibe in it. You should explain that a little more. Do you know how long it takes to arrive in Toronto?

  3. kylie: a start... :)

    anna: oh, i've included the magic vibe in the faq. thanks for the pointer, i always forget and think people know that part. i think the package will arrive within 3 weeks. so, if you want your holiday season gifts, get them early!! :) they'll be more to come! hang on.

  4. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

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