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Monday, 7 December 2009

december review

broga hill, canon 350d

i am right on track

december, review, reflect and relax time :) and also dreaming and visualising and making a wish list for 2010. this one i love.

every year i play this game and this year my one little word is "create"
when i first wrote that word, my intention was to create a beautiful life in 2009. which i did and i am feeling very thankful for what unfolded. as i evolve, as all of us do, life flows in a direction most truest for me and recently i found myself going into artsy mode, so i began creating things that you see here, a little of this and that. so, ya... i've created and uncreated and re-created myself and things i love around me. nothing is right or wrong, and what i do is not so much to please people, but just because it makes me happy.

the year has it's story and some were pretty and some not so much, but i'm learning just to take what comes to me one moment at a time, i am learning that i only need to embrace each moment lovingly with an open heart and mind. all else will fall into place gracefully.

the year 2010 to me will be a fabulous year. whatever comes, it is ok. it is good.
i have thought of a few one little word for next year, but i think i'm gonna wait till january and get the feel of the new year before i sink in and decide on a word, a word that i want to achieve and that feels right in 2010.

so, the rest of this year i'm just gonna chill out and have fun. the family (gene's side) is going for a little adventure vacation this christmas, all 6 adults + 1 kid. looking forward for some happy snappy with our camera of course.

if you have not played the game, look it up and feel what you wanna achieve in 2010. pick a one little word for yourself in the coming new year and share with me come january.


  1. after going thru your blog and reading it, i see that we have so much in common....especially the part about being happy, being grateful, doing what we love, nurture our body and loving it......

    is it because you went thru an experience that gave you this perspective in life or it comes naturally? :)

  2. m: yes, i took the pictures here unless stated at the bottom of the pic. everything in life (mine, yours and everyone else) is a natural process, it's a journey of unfoldment through layers of many different things. :) yes, i went to many of these diferent experiences that gave me this perspective in life. :) grateful.


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