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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

photo talk

there's a big energy shift recently and i'm in a funk at the moment, things are shifting big time. whatever you do, keep your awareness in the energy of "love" and not "fear".

i was busy whole of last week. i'll let the photos do the talking this time.

me & hliza
met hliza when she was down to kl for a meeting. had lovely dinner and mirror hunting. you can read our meet up at her blog.

sunshine - bangle
made this for her. korean crystals with silver plated chain and findings + red swarovski butterfly.

black berries
met zai (a.k.a bee), another fun meet, always fun and have good laughs with zai.

i'll be busy making orders and uploading more stuff on my etsy shop, hopefully by tomorrow, editing the photos now. good times.


  1. "keep your awareness in the energy of "love" and not "fear"." No kidding...thanks for posting! Huge shift last week!

    Love your jewelry, Alison...if I wore any, I would certainly buy from you. All I wear is one rather large pendant with jewels in the colours of the chakras.

  2. Fun day out! Awwww...I miss that so much...

    Fr: Kylie

  3. I love the's so special Ali! Thanks!


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