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Thursday, 11 February 2010

what a week

mettaville creations shop will be closed from 11th to 18th february 2010.

it has been a busy week, but all so good and happy busy kinda way. finally delivered the last of the orders before the lunar new year holiday.

to all of you that bought and received handmade items from me, i do hope you like them and thank you for supporting hand made artist/sellers/crafters. it means a lot to me, to us.

i was recently invited to join etsy malaysia team by dust of enchantment, tracy. it's a great place to know local etsy sellers, share ideas and all. a whole new community of artist, crafters and new friends. huey of notty pooch had the ball rolling in the etsy malaysia team blog, facebook, flickr and twitter, and oh a yahoo group as well. amazing how she does all that and still manage to produce great eco friendly items, run her own blog my dog dairy anddddd bake cookies!

my etsy shop was recently featured in team treasury, i still have no idea what's that as i haven't had much time to explore, hope i will soon. my little borneo pearl earrings was featured (bottom left corner) yay! and i had a few more sales from the shop this week, double yay! if you like the items, please share the shop with friends and family eh *hint hint* ;)

picture from etsy malaysia team blog

so much to learn. i hope i can keep up. but right now, i need a little break. time to do last minute cleaning and enjoy the holidays. it'll be a simple and quiet lunar new year this time. so simple that i did not put a single decoration up in the house this year! but who knows, i might do a last minute make up to the house.

here are some custom made items i made for zai and ming, delivered today.

purple paradise bangle for zai

woodlands necklace and earrings set for ming. (ming, guess where i got the name from, haha!)


  1. Well, those things for the team could be kept up and running because of the tremendous help from Celeste, Tracy, Jace, and Kelly from our team - and then of course the participation from all members too. You guys rock! :D

    Happy Chinese New Year! :)

  2. Happy Lunar New Year, Alison! I love Etsy and peruse it quite regularly. Your earrings are beautiful!

  3. one lil' indian restaurant at lebuh ampang??? hahahaha, twas good eh! hope u hv a great CNY and one with abundance whole year through!

  4. huey: thanks to all!

    marion: thanks marion. yup, etsy is a cool place find lotsa cool stuff. love it!

    ming: ya lar, you have a wonderful chinese ne year too!

  5. cantik!!! my personal fav is de bracelet for zai.

  6. hehehhe...pretty isnt it zanas? :)

    Ali found the colours that i want & everything else falls in nicely.
    tks Ali babe

    p/s: did Gene try the mini cigars?


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