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Saturday, 6 February 2010

gratitude friday

chilies, sabah dec 09, canon 350d

the energy is moving along just fine now. up and down, expanding and sometimes contracting a little. but mostly expanding, trying to find its balance, harmony. ever so slowly but surely. forward movement is felt, one step at a time. we're moving into a new field of energy here and it needs some getting use to, an alignment.
gratitude friday:
i am grateful for the abundant support from gene, from family and friends
i am grateful for my little garden
i am grateful for the sun and the rain
i am grateful for electricity
i am grateful for good & nutritious food for sustenance

gratitude energy vibrates very high, whenever you feel down, think of something to be grateful for, it will help raise your vibration, even just for a little while, that moment of grateful thought will help shift your vibration and energy.

gratitude energy helps neutralise challenges in our everyday life. it helps bring peace and harmony into our being. gratitude helps free us from lower vibrational feelings such as unhappy thoughts, fear, concern and those that don't feel good which is the lower frequency or vibration. when you shift your thoughts towards gratitude, you'll become more joyful and content.

being grateful helps us let go of the pass and be in the present.

what are you grateful for today?


  1. I'm grateful for the love I feel around me..and wow those chillies are such an energizing sight!

  2. Wow, what a fantastic photo, Alison! I would love to have that placed on my kitchen wall.

    I am grateful for my family, who sustain me. I am grateful for living in a warm home, when the wind is screeching outside. I am grateful I have friends like you, Alison, who remind me to embrace gratefulness.

    I too have felt the energies slowing, letting us grow accustomed to the higher vibrations.

  3. I am grateful that I'm generally happy and healthy! Flighty xx

  4. Hi Alison
    I came over Lydia'a blog!
    I like your blog very much and enjoyed this post!

    I am grateful for my wonderful family and friends and all of nature around me that gives so much joy to my days!


  5. I am grateful for being able find something to be grateful for each day.

  6. I just started a new journal last night. In it I dedicated a page (which will hopefully expand to many!) to things I am grateful for. It was a wonderful thing to sit and scribble out a whole slew of them in a matter of seconds :)

    Love the image, great colors!

  7. Sitting next to the wondow and watching the snow flakes falling from the sky...I am grateful that I have heating, clothing & food to keep me warm at home :)


  8. hliza: yes! to love, love and more love! energizing like the cili padi itself! power!

    marion: do you want a picture of it marion? i can print one and send to you if you like. let me know what size you wish it to be.

    flighty: me too! me too. health is wealth!

    margie: hello & welcome. agree with you too. family, friends and nature! cheers to that!

    jemima: haha! you had me there! yes, grateful that i am able to feel the gratefulness!

    bekkah: oh, i'm sure it'll expand to many many more pages and books! i love the old fashion pen and paper too. the feel of pen in hand is good.

    kylie: and i am grateful for a home, fan, loose clothing to keep me cool in this hot weather! such contrast our living environment.

  9. Ah, the simple thing in life sometimes taken for granted. A pretty gratitude list, Ali. I missed doing mine last Friday. :)


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