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Monday, 22 March 2010


kiki, canon 350d

she has gain weight...
gene keeps a small tupperware of cat food in our studio, we keep feeding her whenever she meows, and she likes to stare at gene while he works, that staring also gets her food. so she hardly goes to the kitchen to eat, she sleeps there too, most of the time. she is so smart.


  1. I know that it's hard but you really shouldn't feed her like that! Flighty xx

  2. Visiting from Mondo. Your photos are simply beautiful. Every single one evokes such an emotion. I love them.

  3. Popping over from Mondo Beyondo.

    She is adorable. And clever. :)

    Love the name for your blog!

  4. flighty: hehe... i know, just can't help it.

    zanas: uh huh... you're right.

    laurac: thanks laura

    elizabeth: thanks for stopping by :)

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! Oh, and kiki is adorable. My cat, Chester, has gained SO much weight. He meows. I should get a video of it, since it is so annoying.


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