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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

green and gremlins

green plants in me garden, canon 40d

self portrait, art of knowing self

some days i get really upset and the little gremlins in me come out to play, and they don't really make good playmates because they can be really vicious and unfriendly, the old low vibes that make very unpleasant companions. this is where i practice being really aware and mindful, to catch that gremlins (ever so gently) and not let them run wild.

when i doubt myself, or when i feel i am not good enough etc. (the gremlins), i can choose to:
a. be angry at myself for being non-productive bla bla bla... (insert other gremlins)
b. be grateful that i am alive yet for another day. to able to be of service to whomever and however small my contributions may be.

i am learning to choose b. more and more each day. it takes practice, and oh ever so gentleness on myself and my gremlins. gratefulness and joy is a choice, as is unconditional love (even to the little gremlins).

the energy is spinning wild and more so in comings times and a lot of gremlins will want to come out and play and make a mess. be aware and be gentle with yourself and the gremlins in you.

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