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Thursday, 1 July 2010

cats & becoming vegetarian

well, what can i say, i've now moved on to painting phase. not that i've abandoned jewelry making, i still bend and twist wires for fun, just not selling. i've taken down mettaville creations etsy shop for now, as well as the facebook page. it has been fun and a learning experience. i thank you all for your support while i was in jewelry making phase.

life is all about experiential living isn't it? you do something, it doesn't work out, or you fall away from that space, you go to the next.

i've been painting self portraits and faces, not really good at it, experimenting and playing. been wondering what to paint? and i thought... what lights me up? CATS!!! and hearts, after all, my blog title is "metta" > lovingkindness, so i painted these.
purple cat

vegetarian cat

the second cat was inspired by my journey of becoming a vegetarian.

i eliminated red meat and poultry in 2004 when i found out that they were the cause of my constant fatigue. the meat is too dense/heavy for my system. i was still consuming seafood though, i thought i'd take it one step at a time. i wouldn't want to inconvenience my family too with the sudden change, as they are still consuming meat.

recently my body is sending messages of taking seafood off my diet, i am trusting my intuition. i am slowly eliminating seafood, i have to be flexible because i am having home cook meals with non-vegetarian family, and sometimes there will be residue or the use of seafood stock in the meals. eating out with friends and family can be a challenge as well, again i have to be flexible, as long as there's no red meat i am still fine. anyways, it's still in the early stages, who knows what may happen along the way. i do still get cravings for a bowl of seafood laksa or curry mee. i do my best i know how, so right now, i am an occasional vegetarian, with occasional seafood intake.

and, no, my cat is not vegetarian.


  1. Alison, you've found your niche! These cats are beautiful and really resonate with me...please keep painting them!

    So glad you are listening to what your body tells you. I am trying to give up meat, but I am not sure it is right for me. Yet.

  2. It sounds like your creatively follows your interests, which is wonderful. Makes you good at all sorts of arts. Beautiful paintings, beautiful photos!

  3. marion: thanks for you kind encouragement :)

    nicola: hi! thanks! i do what i can to stay creatively sane.. haha!

  4. Hello Alison,
    I love your artwork! It's very cute and very happy!
    Your talented in the arts.
    Good for you for becoming a vegeterian.
    Meat and animal products cause many illnesses, making me believe we are not meant to eat them, so this must be why we get sick from the long term effects of being meat eaters.
    I know it's tough. I'm a vegan and have been for many years, though when by the ocean I am guilty of enjoying an occassional plate of sushi.
    I also cook 2, sometimes 3 different meals a night.The rest of my family eats meat. Sometimes I can get everyone to go meatless for dinner, but this is rare.
    Wishing you the best on your very nice artwork and becoming a vegetarian. Take your time while converting.
    Have a great day,

  5. I'm trying to give up beef first, as my cholesterol level is high..but it's very challenging. So, where can we makan next time ya?


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