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Sunday, 27 June 2010


sunday sky, canon 40d

it's sunday
blue sky white clouds
it rained the night before
smells fresh clean clear air
today is a good day!

happy sunday everyone!


  1. I wish that it would rain here! Flighty xx

  2. Those days where it's rained the night before are the very best! It rarely rains here; as a result, I appreciate rain so much more than I once did. A beautiful photo, Alison!

  3. Hello Alison! I love the photo!
    Enjoy the blue skies and bright sunshine!

  4. flighty: as i write this, thunder and lightning outside, rain will come soon. i hope you will have rain soon.

    marion: yes, i love a good heavy downpour to wash away all the pollutions and dust and what not.

    lydia: oh, i will lydia. i hope you have a beautiful weather where you are too.


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