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Saturday, 7 August 2010

long life noodle

the august break: long life noodle

lunch today - mee suah soup (rice noodle soup). quick, easy and tasty. i used whatever i have which is not much today, so i just added an egg and some sweet leaf grown in my backyard. served with sichuan bean curd in chili and sesame oil (taugee) and a dash of white pepper. yum! sometimes simple lunch is just what one needs to be happy and content.


  1. It had been quite a while since I eat mi used to cook for me when I'm sick. Maybe I'll look for it today!

  2. TRUE! We have that here too, although I cook it in a different way.

    I saute ginger and garlic and onion, put in a small amount of lean ground pork, add water, then after a time add the meesuah noodle then top off with slices of leeks! :D


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