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Monday, 13 September 2010

say it now

i was browsing through my scrap book that i've kept since university years. nothing fancy, just a normal ruled book which i pasted a beautiful quote on the cover page, given to me by my seniors. inside i glued all the little notes that friends have given me during the 4 years in uni. looking and reading them makes me smile and laugh. so sweet. and you know what? i cannot remember some of these beautiful people now, oh my... me bad!

inside: yes, this book makes me happy!

front: received this just before one of our term exam.

back: guat yen is my name :)
err.... no, i never did practice chanting :P
kindness goes a long way, it certainly cheer me up today. in order to carry on this kindness... here's my note to you:

"the internet is amazing, i get to connect with you and a friendship is born, near or far, we are just a click away. and i really appreciate your kind comments, always, always, always makes my day! and even to those of you that pop in and out silently, thank you so much for stopping by, that means a lot to me too. your presence is felt. may you have a beautiful day."


  1. That is really a very inspiring book! I love taking out old journals or letters and read's really such a wonderful feeling and sometimes they spark some inspiration.
    I totally agree with you about this world wide web ~ it's just amazing. I have made and bonded with many kindred spirits!
    Thanks so much for your lovely kind words on that little onesie for baby jayden and i could just picture him counting sheeps when he can't sleep! lol Too cute! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

  2. Years and years ago, I had a book like this...your post reminded me of it this morning. Sadly, it's been lost through many moves.

    I was thinking the other day about all the people I attended school and uni with...I can barely remember them, and yet, they were so important to me at the time.

  3. Came here to look for some inspiring photos. Found it! Can I share the first quote picture with friends?

  4. jacqueline: yes, agree with the inspiration part :)

    marion: i know, they made me who i am and i love them, even though i can't remember them :)

    anna: ok :)


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