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Saturday, 4 December 2010

crafty art market experience

i had wanted to blog about my experience at the crafty art market but have been awfully busy.
posters here and there

etsy vendors, there were more on the opposite site, across the road

it was my first time and met really fun and nice etsy vendors. well, i didn't really come fully prepared, and once done setting up my little shop and looked around, my goodness, everyone's got theirs set up so beautifully. i feel so immature and felt pretty embarrassing.

my little booth on the right with little things

anyways, can't do much then. so we waited for the crowd and i sat and chat with my booth buddy, chris of yeepii's closet. my sister wasn't able to make and sell muffins as she was down with fever. coincidently chris was looking for someone to share a table too. it was so much better to have company.

i was pretty amazed that people actually stopped and look at my wares. i didn't sell much but i was grateful for the sales and what's even more amazing i actually have orders to paint rocks! it was really fun and good day for everyone. i'm not sure if i want to do it again though, we'll just have to wait and see.


  1. You have to start least you did! So happy for you..

  2. Dearest sweet alison, it's so much fun catching up on your posts on your preparation for the craft fair and your experience. I'm so happy for you that you did it ~ it's a good start! :) I have never really put thoughts on participating in a craft fair for fear just fears that i wont be able to get everything done and also the fear of what peepz will think of my work. hehe Your table looks really nice with yummie goodies.
    I just visited Subang Parade Bazaar on sunday and my sole mission was to loot some fabrics from kelly of Fabric Fanatics. :) She is such a sweet girl and tho we didn't get to chat much coz of customers around...i had so much fun picking up fabrics. teehee
    Have a lovely merry happy st nicholas day and love to you!

  3. hliza: uh huh! at least now i can safely say that i've sold at art market before, haha!

    jacqueline: sorry that you missed it, you have really cute items that i'm sure lots of people will love them! i'm just trying out and i try not to think so much, i set my intention just to have the experience and fun, so at least there's not so much pressure there :) and it turned out really well and i really had fun.


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