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Saturday, 1 January 2011

thank you 2010

i'll only feel complete after i've done my reflection and also give thanks for 2010. and then i am ready to welcome 2011.

my word for 2010 is abundance. it has carried me through the whole year and i am truly grateful for that. i am blessed to have experienced all that i have written early in the year. i am loved and love my friends and family. i am enjoying good health, lots of joy, happiness and peace whole year through. in finance, i am blessed that all my needs are met and that i always have enough. creativity with life through mondo beyondo, art and crafty arena which i finally had the courage to open a stall selling my art stuff (yay!). support from family & friends of all my work, in my art work and also energyworks, many of my friends were so supportive and willingly become experiment subjects and we had the most amazing time. inspirations come in hearing little voices and intuitive nudges to take action, which is so so amazingly magical, and so much more. i couldn't wrap up my one little word 2010, so instead i wish to expand it into 2011 in some form or another. i love the word abundance too much.

and to close 2010, i give thanks and gratitude for the year
- i am so grateful for friends and family that are supportive of my work, be it my art and also the energyworks, it means so much to me, it is slowly bringing my confidence back.
- i am grateful for my parents/parents in law who are supportive of my art work, who accept me as i am and who support our decision to moving to new zealand.
- i am grateful for all of you out there, blog friends near and far, reading and sharing your presence in my tiny space
- i am grateful for having enough of everything and being blessed with so much more.
- i am grateful for my pets, kiki and chewie who love me unconditionally, teaching and bringing me back to "here" and "now" whenever i am with them
- i am grateful for the little voices that has helped me along the way
- i am grateful for the ability of doing energyworks
- i am grateful for having so much fun creating art with my hands
- i am grateful for being where i am, on earth, in this country, this location, this home that is safe and comfortable
- i am grateful for being here, now and experiencing life as it evolve
- i am grateful for big u and angels that are watching over me and guiding me through this journey
- i am truly grateful to be alive.

thank you thank you thank you.

what is/was your word 2010? how was your year? what are you grateful for?
i'll be meditating to welcome 2011 (1.1.11). the energy that is coming in is profound and intense and all i can share with you is that set your intentions right in welcoming 2011, it will carry you through 2011 and beyond. this is time of great change.
see you next year!


  1. I am so grateful for you, Alison, one who understands the ongoing shift so well. And I am so grateful my energy work, Reiki, is becoming a thousand times stronger these days.

    Thank you so much for the list! And a Happy New Year to you, my dear friend! xoxo

  2. What a lovely post!
    Happy New Year! Flighty xx

  3. And we are grateful for your blog and caring words!

  4. marion: wow! happy for you that your reiki is amplified, that sure helps a lot. thank you too marion for your presence in this world and for being a wonderful friend.

    flghty: hey flighty, happy new year!! hope you're having a wonderful new year.

    lee: thanks lee, thank you too for being you :)


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