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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

energy update + custom photo necklaces

a busker singing as seen at st. paul's hill, melaka

the energy has been really off balance lately, erratic even. zig zagging and don't know where to settle. this has caused a lot of confusion on earth plane and it's inhabitants.

i, for one have been experiencing flu like symptoms that cannot decide what to become. the body is somewhat confused on how to react. one moment i would feel feverishly unwell, the next moment i am good again. then the illness would come back with a big whoosh that i had to lie down and rest. what happens is that the body is trying to adjust to this new energy that is here and is having some interesting time doing so. we are electromagnetic beings, the energy that is coming in is a higher frequency of electromagnetic pulse. it is strong and potent. we will all be affected at varying degrees. since i am rather sensitive, i feel it much more.

some people may experience what i would call mental and emotional wonkiness, they just don't know what or how to feel at times. brain fog. and this wonkiness is causing an alarming state for some. emotional outburst if not mindful. even the weather seems peculiar. here in kl, it would be really hot and then all of a sudden rain and then gets really cool, i mean really cool that is not the ordinary kl weather as we know it. it's like the weather too do not know what to decide. spring is late. the usual spring wind that comes prior lunar new year has not arrived. oh! electrical items and gadgets like computers, tvs, even cell phones and such will experience some challenges as well. as much as i'd like this flu like illness to go away soonest, it is also a good time for me to rest and let this energy realign itself.

anyhoo, energies aside, lets get to the fun part. i've made some really cool photo necklaces. these are custom made orders.
that's marie-anne with clay aiken. yes, the clay aiken from american idol 2. marie-anne is a clay fan and managed snap a photo with him, isn't that cool!?

and this is zai and her mom. zai was telling me that her mom misses her when she's away. so what better way than to make a necklace as a gift to her mom so that a picture of mom and daughter is worn close to heart. her mom can take a peek at their photo whenever she misses the daughter.


  1. i love it, i love it, i love it!!!
    thank you, thank you, thank you Ali

  2. You've described the new higher vibrations very well, Alison. I have been experiencing the very same. But questions I have about the whole process or even events in my own life are being answered very quickly. That's the positive side, I think. Have you read Talking to Nightlights blog? Wendy talks about much the same experiences. She had a great post not long ago where she was visited.

    Love the necklaces...what a great idea! Now I just have to find a good photo!

  3. Hugs to feeling so topsy-turvy,I hope you're getting stronger to face the chaotic energy swirl! The photo necklaces are simply gorgeous! I used to want to make one for my illustration but maybe in the future, painting is already taking a lot of time!

  4. Get well soon Alison! Nice necklace :)

  5. Dear Alison-sorry to hear that your energy is all wonky! Can totally relate...yes! we are energetic beings. sometimes when we are around wonky energy..we pick it up. True! Have you ever read Energy Anatomy by Caroline Myss? It is a big fan of all her stuff. Love those super cute neclaces too BTW...adorable:) xxx

  6. bee: i absolutely enjoyed making the necklaces. i hope your mom will like it.

    marion: yes, marion, my inner guidance is getting stronger by the day too and it is simply amzing.

    i haven't read talking to nightlights, i will go check it out later. thanks for the head up.

    eva: thanks eva, am doing good. we can do a collaboration if you like. lets talk this one shall we?

    kylie: i wish to be well soon when you're back in kl :) lots so chat.

    soraya: i think i may heard of her name mentioned to me before. there are so so many amazing teachers and healers out there doing fantastic work, it's a blessing. and thanks for the sweet comments on the necklaces. xxx

  7. Helo Alison. Those necklaces are wonderful. thank you! If I get a picture with Clay (maybe end of Feb!) you will be flooded with more requests!!! wish us luck! :) love your work.!


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