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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

intuitive reading

thank you for inquiring about a reading.

readings are channeled and always done through your conscious consent. messages that will be passed on to you are what is needed to assist you at the time. sessions are approximately one hour in duration, depending on questions that are asked. they are done via skype voice/text chat or google voice/text chat. make sure you have a good and clear working microphone.

in order for you to get clear and more detailed information, it is best to ask questions. these sessions are intended to give you information to help you move forward with your journey and are not intended to interfere with your process. they are to open the pathway for you, you have to walk that path.

subjects that may be addressed: emotional, mental, spiritual, physical, past life influences (when needed or given) and other subject areas. there will be no timeline given as all things and events are subject to change based upon free will. no readings of another person without their conscious consent. the reading will not tell you what you should or should not do but may offer alternatives or options in making your choices.

when you are ready to do a reading. email me at hellomettaville[at]gmail[dot]com to fix an appointment.

fees for personal readings USD25

payment must be received prior to the session date.
payment can be made via paypal through the button above.
for malaysian callers, if you do not have a credit card to pay through paypal, payment can also be made via bank transfer to my maybank account. (details will be given once confirmed of your reading interest.)

if you feel you are ready and would like to do a reading just let me know and we can set a date to chat online.

thank you for your interest.

with lovingkindness & blessings

*make a donation

if you think that you've benefited and would like to make a donation to the existing service, it would be greatly appreciated. thank you and may you be blessed with abundance in return.

updated: i've included a special page for mettaworks, please refer the page for paypal payment.

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