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Sunday, 10 April 2011

kissing the moon

painting date with eva was so much fun. eva taught me a few techniques and fun ways of painting mix media art. i. am. hooked. the tittle came as i was blabbering away and somehow blurted "kissing the moon", i loved it and so it is. this piece is far from finish, i will have to go to the art supply shop to get some supplies before i can complete it. i'll post the finish version if it turns out good. i have not painted for a long time (not including rocks!), so i am hoping it'll turn out ok.

dinner with zai was a blast. the hours went by so quickly. i shall not go further with our little girls chat, some things are meant to be kept between us girls, you know what i mean?

kiki on the rocking chair. her companionship and playtime helps keep me grounded, especially during times of big energy shifts. thank you dear angel, love you.


  1. Dearest sweet alison, this painting 'kissing the moon' looks so beautiful! I love love that gorgeous moon and the wonderful background! Your painting session with eva sounds so fun and very inspiring! Eva is just so talented! :) Kiki is soo beautiful!

    As for pipit, yes i have booked the slot in Oct/Nov to have my little goodies display there for sales. Im really excited about it and i just hope everything goes well. I'll been invited to their handmade exhibition in july! Seems like lots going on for me and im having a wee bit of panic attack. lol

    Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you sweet friend!

  2. You are one of the most talented, creative people I know, dear Alison. That painting of the moon is simply awesome...I love looking at it!

    Stay well and stay grounded, lots of huge energy shifts going on, as you say. xoxo

  3. Love the painting! I am dabbling in mixed media also as well as altered photos. Sooooo many possibilites. Fun, fun!!

  4. Hey Cat lady (;D)

    I'm so so happy that you came over and we painted together! It's fun to have a play mate working with art once in a while! I think the moon has been sitting here waiting for your magical touch! I had never seen its potential until you came along and then poof -"magic!"

    The painting is really soothing, the huge moon nurturing the dark green land below. I love the title to bits! Please keep making gorgeous artwork!

  5. it was a sure blast! :)

    cant wait for my canvass piantings!! :)

  6. jacqueline: wow! great that all wonderful things are lined up for you. go jacqueline!

    marion: thank you marion. it has been and interesting energy ride! no words can describe how i feel. lol!

    patty: yes, so many possibilities, i'll need to check out what altered photos are.

    eva: lets make more magic together :)

    bee: photo canvas in the making :)


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