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Friday, 16 December 2011

aluminium anniversary

auckland harbour, march 2011

it's our 10th anniversary.
i am so grateful for having gene in my life. he is my grounding anchor.
i love him, i love us.

when i gain the ability to "see" past lives in recent years, i took a peek into ours.
we were married near a waterfall once, it was magical! no wonder we like to go waterfall hunting in this life!
in another life, i was deaf, he was dumb. if you live with us, you may think we still are! we are a quiet couple and sometimes he has to repeat saying things cause i can't hear very well, even though i can, it's like a brought forward habit, it's so funny.
i wanted to come to earth eons ago and he agreed to come with me even though he did not like it... just to make sure that i don't get into trouble.
i know i cannot validate what i "see", but it's uncanny that it makes so much sense.

the future? we both have same dreams -  the big move and beyond that, travelling the world and other worlds. we're aiming for the stars. literally.

pass and future aside, we are just going to enjoy the now.


  1. 10 years already! Wow..looks like many, many more decades will come. I love what you see from the past and the cute! Happy anniversary you two!

  2. Happy 10th Anniversary!! Wow, 10 years! I'm so happy to know that you were a loving couple in your past life, it's very sweet actually. May you be the loving couple in many life to come! :D

  3. Happy anniversary, and here's to many more! Flighty xx

  4. First of all, I love, love, love Christina Perri. The first time I heard her voice (jar of hearts) I was completely captivated!!
    AND - you are such a beautiful and happy couple. Love your connection - congratulations!!!

  5. Dearest sweet alison, CONGRATZ on your beautiful anniversary! Both of you look so good together!! WOW 10 amazing years...imagine that and many more years to come!! Have a lovely merry happy sunday sweet friend! Wishing you a wonderful festive time with your friends and family!! Love to you!

  6. thank you all. i really appreciate your comments and wishes!

  7. Happy Anniversary. Sweet couple. Lots of joy to you. :D:D:D


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