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Sunday, 22 January 2012

happy dragon year!

from us to you...


my version... "crouching kiki hidden dragon".

gene's version. haha!

please excuse the language,  it's all just for fun and laughs :)
best wishes for a wonderful dragon year ahead!


  1. Dearest sweet alison, your little kitty made me giggle! SO adorable! Happy happy happy chinese new year!! Wishing you a prosperous, healthy, and happy dragon year! Love to you!

  2. this is so cute. We dress-up our cats for special occasions too!

  3. Cats always hate being dressed up, it seems. So undignified.

    Kiki is saying: "I can hardly wait for Alison to take this hat off me!"

  4. Hahahaha! So cute...I've seen this look on my cats' faces many times over the years. Means they're just about to say they've had enough, haha!

    Happy New Year, Alison!!

  5. I love her expression! Happy New Year! Flighty xx

  6. jacqueline: happy lunar new year to you too! best wishes to you for a wonderful year!

    marsha: this is the first time we tried, i guess that's why we got that look! lol!

    cameron: she took it off a couple of times until (i think) she understood that we were trying to shoot some pictures and waited patiently till we had our shots, then finally she pulled the hat off. good kitty.

    marion: hehe! she's a wonderful kitty cat that tolerate us two silly humans!

    flighty: her expressions can mean so many things! :) thanks flighty!


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